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Twigim is one of my favorite Korean street foods! This is actually something I grew up eating at home a lot too- it’s easy to make and so tasty.  Twigim is

Blood Sausage Stir Fry (Soondae Bokkeum)

Soondae is Korean blood sausage and it’s easily one of my top 3 Korean street foods! It is pig intestine stuffed with glass noodles, pork blood, and glutinous rice. I know

Korean Sweet Pancakes (Hotteok)

My hotteok recipe is finally here! Hotteok is a VERY popular Korean street food. It’s a golden fried “pancake” filled with a gooey brown sugar syrup and sometimes nuts or seeds. 

Korean Fish Cake Soup- Odeng/Eomuk Guk

Fish cake soup (odeng guk) is one of the most classic & traditional Korean street foods. It is often paired with spicy rice cakes (tteokbokki), and the delicious hot broth is

Korean Red Bean Shaved Ice (Patbingsu)

Korean red bean shaved ice is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE dessert! This colorful icy treat always brings me back to my childhood in Korea. It is such a refreshing summer dessert and

Korean Corn Dog (Gamja Hotdog)

Korean corn dogs are hot dogs, cheese, rice cakes, or fish cakes fried in a batter on a stick and dressed with sugar, ketchup, mustard, and/or mayo. They are a sweet

Korean Street Toast (Gilgeori Toast)

Korean street toast is an omelette sandwich that is filled with crunchy vegetables and cheese. The combination of flavors make this sandwich unique and super delicious- it is buttery, crispy, savory,

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