Welcome to SNS! My name is Stella, and I LOVE food. I love cooking, eating, & sharing recipes.

I grew up eating mostly Korean and Mexican food- two of the BEST cuisines in the world! When I think about amazing street food, Korea and Mexico are at the top of my list. There are also a lot of super traditional and refined dishes from both cultures. And the best part? We like it SPICY!

I come from a multicultural background thanks to my father’s military career. I am American, but both of my parents are immigrants from different countries. My mother is from Busan, South Korea, and my father was born in Guadalajara, Mexico

My food journey started when I was 18. I moved out of my parents’ house at that age and had to learn how to cook for myself. After a couple of years, I realized I was pretty good at it, and I became totally obsessed with food.  During this time, I spent hours watching the Food Network and asking my mom for her recipes. Cooking became my new favorite hobby, and it wasn’t long until I started to develop my own taste and style of cooking. I also really enjoy feeding people and seeing their reactions. It truly brings me so much joy.

Apart from cooking, I am a professional bartender! I’ve been bartending for over 10 years and I love it. I’ve worked in restaurants, micro breweries, sports bars, private & public events, and night clubs. It’s not the most conventional career choice, but for me it has been extremely lucrative and has given me a lot of financial freedom. I was able to pay for college while working and got my bachelor’s degree in accounting this way! I also have a cosmetology license from Paul Mitchell. I am no longer practicing accounting but I still do hair & nails from home for friends & family. 

When I started my food TikTok/IG pages in 2020, I wasn’t expecting even a fraction of the success that followed. It is so crazy to me that this is my full time job now. It’s pretty amazing that I can make a living with my cooking in a way that is both creative and valuable.

Thank you so much for supporting me. I wouldn’t be here without you <3

- Stella

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