Coconut Mojito

This drink is for anyone, but especially great for those that don’t like their drinks too strong (I’m looking at you, lightweights!)

I LOVE a good mojito. It’s tasty, refreshing, and the perfect summer drink. I’m personally not a huge fan of rum, but I will make an exception for coconut rum! It’s slightly sweet, has a coconut flavor, and pairs extremely well with lime!

Coconut rum usually has a an ABV (alcohol by volume) of around 20%, which is half the strength of most liquor. It’s not that strong, so it’s the perfect drink for someone who wants to enjoy an alcoholic beverage that won’t get them too tipsy, too fast. 

Check out the recipe below to make this delicious summer drink!

Coconut Mojito

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  • muddler


  • 3-4 lime wedges about 1/2 oz lime juice
  • 6-8 mint leaves
  • 1/2 oz agave nectar less if you don't like it sweet
  • 2 oz coconut rum
  • 4 oz club soda
  • ice


  • lime wheel
  • mint sprigs


  • In a glass, gently muddle the lime wedges, mint leaves, and agave nectar until the juices and oils are released. Do not over muddle- destroying the mint will cause it to be bitter.
  • Add coconut rum
  • Add ice
  • Add club soda
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Garnish with lime wheel and mint sprigs (optional) and enjoy responsibly!

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  1. Luis aoki sakaguchi

    5 stars
    Amazing drink

  2. Amee Vang

    5 stars
    one of the best mojito recipes for sure!

  3. Allison

    5 stars
    As someone who hates the taste of alcohol but loves coconut I’m obsessed!

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