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Hibiscus & Thai Basil Gimlet

This Hibiscus & Thai Basil Gimlet is a delicious & refreshing cocktail for any time of the year. I would describe it as a cross between a gimlet and Tom Collins,

Crispy Hash Browns

You can’t have a classic American breakfast without hash browns! I LOVE hash browns that are light & crispy on the outside and soft & fluffy in the center.  I did

The BEST Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky

Jerky lovers, look no further! This is THE BEST beef jerky you will ever try, it it super addictive! It’s the perfect balance of sweet & spicy, and you can customize

Mag’s Rum Cake

This rum cake is SO moist, delicious, and extremely easy to make! I am not much of a baker but this comes out perfect every single time. If I can make

Juicy Roast Chicken

This roast chicken is one of my most favorite recipes that have been shared with me by friends. I cannot hype this recipe enough. This is the juiciest, crispiest, most flavorful

Balanced Homemade Dog Food

This is a balanced dog food recipe that my veterinarian recommended to me a few years ago. I want my dogs to live long & healthy lives, so I make their

Cheesy Jalapeno Chicken Rolls

These jalapeño chicken rolls are crispy, cheesy, and FULL of flavor! They are the perfect finger food for your holiday party or any occasion, and I can guarantee everyone will love

Juicy Stove Top Chicken Breast

How to make the juiciest, most flavorful chicken breast on the stove! This is my favorite way to cook chicken breast- perfect for easy weeknight dinners and it’s extremely versatile! Ingredients

Crispy Scorched Rice Chips (Nurungji)

Today I have a fun & SUPER easy recipe for one of my favorite childhood snacks- nurungji aka crispy scorched rice chips!  You all should know by now how much I

Carne Asada Bowl

Today I am sharing how to make a carne asada bowl, my way! This is one of those dishes that is completely customizable, and definitely a crowd pleaser. I know for

Kabuki Firecracker Copycat

I worked at Kabuki for many years as a young adult, and I love their food! I’m going to be sharing 5 recipes inspired by my favorite Kabuki signature dishes, starting

Congri (Cuban Black Beans & Rice)

Congri is a Cuban rice & bean dish that is a staple in Cuban cooking. Although I am half Mexican, I grew up eating a lot more Cuban food because of

Golden Shrimp Fried Rice

Every Asian family has their own fried rice recipe, and mine is no different! This Golden Shrimp Fried Rice is a dish that my mom taught me how to make, and

Crispy Buffalo Wings

I love love LOVE buffalo wings! Since Super Bowl game day is coming up, I wanted to share some FIRE recipes that I know you will love. These tangy, spicy, crispy

Crispy Coconut Shrimp

Crispy coconut shrimp is one of my favorite appetizers to order when I eat out! Even if you are not a big fan of coconut, I think you will like this! 

Tostones (Twice Fried Plantains)

These were a family FAVORITE growing up! My grandfather used to make tostones all the time- we loved them and almost always had some with our Cuban meals. Tostones are Cuban

Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja is Cuba’s national dish, and it literally means “old clothes.” It gets its name from the way shredded beef  resembles old shredded clothing.  I grew up eating lots of

Jalapeno Salt

Jalapeno lovers- this is for you! Jalapenos are my FAVORITE pepper, and in powdered form they are such a game changer. This recipe requires only 2 ingredients and a dehydrator! It

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